About agent

1. All product images on the website can be used, and support for different styles without any restrictions.
2, support a generation of delivery, after you receive the order, the order is placed on our website, the recipient information fills in the buyer, the sender's name fills in yours. We will process the delivery for you as soon as we receive your order. Your profit comes from the difference between the retail price and the wholesale price.
3, in addition to the Chinese Spring Festival holiday, other time is open and normal work.


Exclusive agent for brand trademarks

1. The total agency right, the amount USD,the agent period is 1 year, one sign each year.
A country's general agent can develop the country's agent on its own. After signing the agreement, this website will delete the country's express delivery, except for the agent, other people can not use the country option to transport goods.

2. Ordinary agency rights, the amount USD, and the term is one year.
If the agent's country has a general agent, it will not be able to apply; if it has already been applied, it will not be affected during the contract period. After the contract expires, it will not be able to continue to sign the contract. If the agent continues, you can contact the country's general agent.

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